Steekee Elementary School

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New Procedures for Dismissal/Car Rider Pick up beginning 10/17/2022

We need to make you aware of a change to our pick up procedure for car riders beginning Monday, October 17th, as soon as we return from fall break.

This is only for dismissal. Families are still encouraged and welcomed to participate in all activities held at Steekee School.  If you need to pick your student up for appointments or check them out early because they are sick, you can still do that. 

The Loudon County Board of Education continually works with all of city and county first responders to evaluate safety protocols at our schools as we strive to provide the safest environment for our students.

As part of many other strategies to improve safety on campuses, the Board of Education has voted to begin queuing in our car pick-up lines 30 minutes prior to dismissal – 2:30 p.m. for K-5th grade, and 1:00 p.m. for Pre K. 

This new protocol will begin the Monday immediately following Fall Break, October 17th. We appreciate your cooperation in not parking in traffic lines until 30 minutes prior to dismissal each day according to specific school procedures.  Cones will be placed at appropriate places to mark the altered traffic pattern.  Thank you very much for you help and flexibility as we make these adaptations to keep our students and staff safe.