Steekee Elementary School

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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: "Steekee Elementary is scouting for success through determination, accountability, and focused vision."


Steekee Elementary School Motto

Scouting for success!

Steekee Elementary School Vision

  • We will provide all students with the tools to become productive, responsible citizens.
  • We will base instruction on prioritized curriculum standards.
  • We will use data to drive our instruction to maximize student potential.
  • We will provide extracurricular activities for all students.
  • We will help students develop higher order thinking skills through questioning and organization of information in order to enhance learning.
  • We will fully implement the use of technology in the curriculum in order to motivate and enhance student learning.
  • We will create a caring, positive environment where all members support one another. 
Steekee Elementary School Value Statements

At Steekee, we believe:

  • That safety for the staff, students and parents will be our highest priority.
  • Students should show courtesy and respect for all school staff and each other, throughout the school year.
  • Students will leave our school with a life-long love and excitement of learning with an ability to put that learning to use.
  • That teachers, students and parents will utilize technology within the classroom and computer lab in conjunction with regular classroom work.
  • Students leaving Steekee School will read, write and compute to the best of their abilities.
  • That there should be a school and community partnership with an "open-door" feeling.