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School History

Steekee Elementary’s history is rooted in the belief of the importance of education for the children of its community. The first school located in this community was Mt. Carmel. The one room school building burned in 1915. When the school was rebuilt it became Steekee Elementary School with the name coming from a nearby creek. Steekee is a Cherokee Indian word meaning "big waters". The original building was located on the banks of Steekee Creek some two miles from the present location of the school where it still stands. 

Steekee Elementary has continued to change as the needs of the community expanded. In 1950 the present location was chosen and a new community expanded. In 1950 the present location was chosen and a new building program initiated to house the students. Fire again influenced structural changes when the second building burned in 1957. The building was rebuilt and ready for students in the fall of 1958. 
In the 1960's Steekee Elementary witnessed many changes in the community and student population. As TVA began acquiring land from area farmers for the building of the Tellico Dam, small area schools were consolidated to better serve the community. Area schools which are now considered a part of Steekee were Toad Hill, Popular Springs, Jackson, Markwood, and Davis.

A building program in 1975 added a gymnasium as a separate building to the existing facilities. This served the basketball teams as well as physical education classes. Once again student needs changed and in 1985 another building program added a cafeteria, teacher workroom, resource classrooms and library to the basement area of the gymnasium building. The main classroom building was remodeled with the addition of carpeting, heating/air conditioning, new lighting, and restroom facilities. Another building program in 1997 added four classrooms, student restroom facilities and a teacher workroom. This addition helped to alleviate overcrowding and prepare us for the projected enrollment gains.  The most recent addition to Steekee Elementary was the 2001 addition of the existing library, computer lab, and one classroom.  The 2001 building program also added a beautiful administrative office complex to the school. 
In January, 2001, Steekee School implemented its first preschool program.  At this time, there are two preschool programs. Both programs are made available through the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Finally, over the past three years (2008-present) Steekee Elementary School has moved to the cutting edge in technology aquisition and implementation.  The technology hardware and software additions have made student learning fun and successful.  Our teachers have immersed themselves in professional development to become proficient in the use of educational technology, and are molding Steekee students into the future leaders of Loudon County!

The history of Steekee Elementary illustrates the beliefs, goals and mission statement which the faculty and staff at Steekee Elementary are dedicated to. We will continue to serve the educational needs of our students in the present and future as we build upon the rich heritage of our past.