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So, may I introduce myself?  My name is Susan Adams.  I started my time at Steekee under the tutelage of Mrs. Jerldine Boone.  I have been with Steekee for many, many years and taught 4th, 5th, 3rd, RTI, art, keyboarding and STEAM.  I earned my BA from Southwestern College in Kansas and my MS at UT Knoxville.  Glad to have you joining or continuing your educational travels with us.  Go Steekee!

Recent Posts

Ahh January....

"Back in the saddle again" then snow... let's try it one more time! "Back in the saddle again" and we're off to another great start.  Lab classes are completing their turn at the Hour of Code.  Coding is the basis of all programs, games, apps and widgets.  Estimations for the 2020 college graduating class will call for some 4 million coder/programers.  Which if the rate of continues as it stands today will graduate about 20,000 to fill these jobs. This is why I include coding activities in the lab experience.  The students are continually working on their keying skills and practicing in order to increase their speed and accuracy. I will continue coding, typing skills practice and introduce blogging for the older students to experience thinking and recording their thoughts onto the computer rather than a piece of paper.  This will help with computer uses in the future.

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Christmas is quickly approaching.  The students and I have been working on Code-a-thon using Code Monkey who's lost his bananas, or Code with the Angry Birds looking for their eggs.  Students use blocks or typed instructions to lead their characters through the mazes. The correct number of moves and reaching their goal allows the students to move on to their next challenge. They truly enjoy the process and achieving their goals!

Computer Programming

One of the best known jobs in the area of computers is "coding".  Students will be engaged with several websites that have coding activities. They will be learning how to move characters through different tasks using blocks that have code attached to them.  All students will be learning cardinal directions, patience, and problem solving as they use the trial and error strategies to accomplish the task. 

The first 6 weeks have come and gone and we are all still here.  I think the students are enjoying emails, lightbot, typing, and coding.  Can't wait to see what will happen next!


Practicing touch typing at home when a keyboard is available will help with accuracy and confidence.