Steekee Elementary School

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Rebecca Edwards

Welcome to STREAM
My name is Rebecca Edwards and I have been teaching for 36 years at Steekee.   I have the privilege to teach STREAM (Science ,Technology ,Reading , Engineering , Art  Math)  class as one of the special area classes.
STREAM Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Rotation 1
Curtis, Huff, Marshall
Rotation 2
Jenkins, Ducote, Newman
Rotation 3
Arp, Willis, Harris
Rotation 4
Browning, Medina, Lorenz
Friday-1/2 of period is STEAM. The other half is PE.


Lesson Plans
Kindergarten- What is STEM? STEM activity, Art
First Grade-Tools Scientist Use, Art
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade-What is STEM?, The Engineering Process, Art