Steekee Elementary School

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Lesson Plans

STEAM Lesson Plans  Grade- K,2, 4   Dates- May 2,3,4



 Wednesday Cup/String Noise Maker

Thursday Art-Graduation Kid

Friday-field trip


Second Grade

Wednesday  Cup/String Noise Maker

Thursday Ozobots

Friday Legos


Fourth Grade

Wednesday Cup/string Noise Maker

Thursday Ozobots

Friday- Magnets




0007.Inq.1 Use senses to make observations

0007.T/E.3 Use tools to construct simple products.

Identify how sound is created.


Second Grade

0207.Inq.1 Use senses and simple tools to make observations

  1. T/E.2 Invent designs for simple products

0207.Inq.2 Communicate interest in simple phenomena and plan for simple investigations

Identify how sound is created.


Fourth Grade

SPI 0407. T/E.2 Recognize the connection between a scientific advance and the development of a new tool or technology.

SPI 0407.12.1. Identify how magnets attract or repel one another

Identify how sound is created.




How is sound created?

How do we use robots in the real world?

Why did …..



SWAY presentations, pencils, plastic cups, string, ozobots and worksheets, markers, white paper, magnets, scissors, cut outs,