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Mrs. Katelyn Marshall » Mrs. Marshall's Pre- k

Mrs. Marshall's Pre- k

Welcome to Pre- K

     Hello! I am Katelyn Marshall and I will be your child’s pre- kindergarten teacher for this upcoming 2018- 2019 school year. I graduated from Tennessee Tech University with my Early Childhood degree in 2016. I have taught kindergarten in the school year of 2016- 2017 and was a special education preschool assistant last year. I am recently married and have two big dogs at home, Hoss and Brutus. I am looking forward to starting my first year of pre- kindergarten with you and your child. 

     This is an exciting time for you and your child! I want to let you know how excited I am to be teaching your child this year. My goals are not to only teach your child the necessary skills, but to ensure that they have a positive first experience in school. I have high expectations for every student and am sure that with your parental support we can make this year a fun learning experience for everyone! I truly believe that a student thrives when both the teacher and parents are working to educate the child.


Daily Schedule


7:50- Arrival and Sign- in

8:00- Table work

8:15-  Calendar and morning songs

8:30- Read Aloud

9:00- Bathroom Break

9:15- GoNoodle and Fast Focus

9:20- Connect

9:40- Free Choice Centers

10:15- Bathroom Break

10:30- Lunch

11:05- Recess

11:45- Bathroom Break

12:00- Small Group Rotations
12:50- Free Choice Centers
1:10- Clean up and Pack up
1:10- Snack
1:30- Dismissal and Sign- Out